Bitcoin experience 2023 - 3 Bitcoin exchanges at a glance

Where to buy Bitcoin? This is how investors buy Bitcoin from reputable exchanges:

the essentials in brief

  • There are many different trading venues on the Internet where investors can buy Bitcoin
  • The respective crypto exchanges and trading venues for digital assets have advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommended brokers with crypto trading:
    • For crypto beginners: Bison
    • For Bitcoin beginners: Relai
    • For Bitcoin advanced users: Pocket

Pocket relay bison
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin only Bitcoin only Bitcoin
+ More
Self-custody Yes Yes No
Payment methods Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer
Credit card
Apple Pay

Bank Transfer
Minimum deposit No minimum amount

10 EUR

20 EUR
fees 1.5% + network fee

1.0 - 2.5% + network fee

No fees, just spread (difference between buy and sell price)
Savings plan eligible Yes, depending on the standing order

Yes, weekly or monthly

Yes, weekly or monthly


No registration necessary up to EUR 900 per day or EUR 90,000 annually

Registration is required from 1,000 CHF per day or 100,000 CHF annually

Yes, video ident
Company headquarters Switzerland


founding 2021


start credits, Initial balance -


10 EUR
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